Kiosks for lease

We have 25 lockable kiosks available to lease on an annual basis from October 2021, on Marina Promenade, to the rear of Dubai Marina Mall. Located in prime positions on the main walkway, these 3.5 meter x 2.5 meter kiosks will run from the Crowne Plaza Hotel along towards the Sailing Club, benefiting from the huge number of boat pickups and drop offs in that area, including the RTA water taxi, as well as its close proximity to the hugely popular Pier 7 restaurant complex and the Address Hotel. Marina promenade is the main destination for the huge number of tourists and residents in this area to walk, cycle, jog, shop and dine.

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Covent Garden Market provides a cost effective solution for designers or small businesses to test their products in the Market place before entering into a long term contract with a Mall.

When leasing in a Mall you are often required to invest in a kiosk, provide a 25% security deposit along with quarterly rent cheques. Whereas we provide the kiosk and everything you need to get started, and we try to assist wherever possible with a smaller deposit and monthly cheques.

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